Nottingham West: our newest centre

by Ellie Stewart and Simon Collins

The transformation of Nottingham West began in October 2011. From the removal of old junk, ranging from redundant furniture to gym equipment, the team created their blank canvas and began the task of cleaning, creating displays and building new furniture. The team reached an incredible milestone when they held an opening for parents and students in the community and had a packed hall and 12 immediate signups to Academic Support. Highlights include reaching double figures in Academic Support, booking in and delivering Secondary FOCUS workshops and confirming the first Problem Solving FOCUS mini-Week.

After a Year 11 Education Choices workshop, these students had this to say:

'The best thing about this programme was learning about other career paths because I now have a wider range of paths available to me.' Daniel, Hadden Park High School

'Now I know what I want/need to do to get to where I want to.' Andre, Hadden Park High School

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  1. What a beautiful new centre! Hope it continues to see success.