IntoUniversity's work recognised by leader in education

Dominic Stockbridge

IntoUniversity’s work has been recognised in a recent article by Richard Aldrich, Emeritus Professor at the Institute of Education, University of London. Professor Aldrich’s article, ‘The British and Foreign School Society, Past and Present’ was published in the History of Education Researcher in May, and points to IntoUniversity as an exemplar of the charitable projects which the British Foreign School Society supports.

Professor Aldrich, who has lectured and taught in twenty countries, recognises that

one of the major iniquities of UK society is the very small proportion of children 
from poorer backgrounds who go to university or enter the professions

and uses IntoUniversity as an example of a charity attempting to secure the BFSS’s vision: “Equality of educational opportunity for all”. The Society was founded in 1808 by Joseph Lancaster to facilitate accessible education for all children in the United Kingdom and beyond, and is now a grant-giving organisation which funds educational charities both at home and abroad. It remains an important voice on the topics of education, aspiration and widening participation.
Professor Aldrich at IU Haringey North in March 2012

BFSS is also a key funder for IntoUniversity Haringey North and we are very grateful for the keen support that its members and Professor Aldrich have given us over the past years.

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