My first weeks at IU

Guest blog by Becky Kendall, Graduate Trainee Education Worker, IU Brixton

This time last year I was also in training for a new job. I was starting a career in the Metropolitan Police, where I thought my experience with young people and softer approach would contribute something different to the force. However, I also had a gut feeling that perhaps the world of policing, whether that be on the beat or as a detective wasn’t the place for me.  

Nine months later I found myself trawling through charity websites and the guardian jobs page for something to inspire me. When I came across the IntoUniversity graduate scheme I was both relieved and terrified. I had finally found something that I truly felt I would enjoy and be good at, but I knew the competition and selection process would be tough. Thankfully I made it and I am happy to report that I have an altogether different gut feeling about 2014 and beyond. With only 5 weeks under my belt I have met so many positive, hard working and genuine people and having just finished my first Primary FOCUS week with actual real life students (that’s not to say I haven’t thoroughly appreciated the role playing abilities of my colleagues) I feel relaxed.  Relaxed in the knowledge that although it will require a lot of hard work I know it will be worth it and I will be happy here. 

In a few weeks time I will be starting as the Secondary FOCUS coordinator in Brixton. I’m really happy with my placement and I’m looking forward to getting settled in at my new centre and getting to know my team and the students. 

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  1. Hi Becky, I'm applying for the graduate scheme this year. I'm wondering if you would be able to offer any advice for the interview process, I.e. what kind of questions are asked and what do you think will make a candidate stand out from the rest?