Our week with IntoUniversity

By Syed, Year 7, George Green’s School

IntoUniversity is a brilliant place to set your ambition and independence. IntoUniversity is a group of friendly and helpful people who motivate you to reach the highest of your abilities. 

IntoUniversity aren’t all about work, they’re also about excitement and fun. They help you build a wide range of collaboration skills. They help you build more confidence. They help you choose your pathways to university subjects.

From 7th April to the 10th April, we had a politics week. We met three people who studied politics at university and they talked about what they did. The first person was a barrister, the second a newspaper writer, the third an activist.

On the second day we went to Amnesty International. It is a place where they do fundraising, humanitarian appeals and fighting for the human rights. We went to Amnesty International to learn about the different ways you can get your point across and learnt about refugees.

I missed the third day but I joined my team on the last day. We went to East London Radio Station at Spotlight. We talked about problems in the UK; our issue we focused on was smoking. We had to find and research different points about it and then we made a radio show about it.

Altogether the politics week was a blast. I got to meet different people and I got to improve my confidence. If you want to hear our radio show, go to:

This blog post was written by Syed, a Year 7 pupil at George Green's School.

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