IU Volunteers' Week: Joshua's story

Joshua, IntoUniversity Student Associate and Mentor at IntoUniversity East Ham

I chose to mentor at IntoUniversity as they provided me with great support and information when I was applying to university, while also granting me the opportunity to intern at BlackRock.

As a volunteer, I not only support my Mentee academically with things such as homework but also with his interpersonal skills. 

I’m getting to know his strengths, weaknesses and goals and we have both set targets to help us improve and achieve our goals. 

Recently we’ve got into baking which is something I never expected. The experience of mentoring has been very worthwhile and gratifying.

The best thing about volunteering? I hate to say it but it’s the baking! Ha-ha, no - I’m joking. The best thing about volunteering is that I get to make a difference in another person’s life, especially through adolescence, which can be a confusing time.

Volunteering has helped me to think a lot more creatively, as I must find ways to continue to engage and motivate my Mentee. I’ve recently got into watching baking videos on YouTube because of it!

I think I have helped to improve my Mentee’s confidence (and hopefully his baking skills too!) 

I would definitely recommend volunteering to others. It helps to improve not just the Mentee but also the Mentor. Your communication skills will improve and it’s nice downtime getting yourself away from the rigours of university and the more we give, the happier we feel.

Joshua, IntoUniversity volunteer. 

If you'd like to find out more about mentoring a young person, visit the volunteering pages on the IntoUniversity website here

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