Sarah Teather MP

Hugh Rayment-Pickard

Sarah Teather MP, Minister of State for Children and Families, joined a Question Time event at IU Brent. The event was the culmination of a half-term's work on a Careers in FOCUS project looking at campaigns and campaigning coordinated by IU Education Worker Rachael Moss. Sarah Teather was subject to some tough questioning from our young people including questions about provision for pupils who do not have English as a first language and the Government cuts to the Building Schools for the Future programme.


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  2. Well done to all the pupils who took part in this scheme too. It was so inspiring to see their drama presentations to Sarah Teather MP- exploring the issue of bullying and gang crime in relation to young people. The pupils showed all the intelligence, care and creativity for which they are renowned. Well done to IU too. It was brilliant to see pupils from different schools united together- one of the many positive impacts of this charity is the capacity to transcend boundaries and bring communities closer. Keep it up!