Need A-Level Advice? Come to IU

Gemma Fagbadegun

A Levels, AS Levels, GCSEs. Personal statements, clearing, applications. As, Bs, and Cs. That’s all we’ve been thinking about over the last few weeks (well, except for the team at the North Kensington centre, who have also been thinking about the upcoming Notting Hill Carnival quite a lot. But that’s another story). We’ve been working with our secondary students as they have been receiving their results over the past couple of weeks, helping them with finance queries, accommodation, and clearing. We’ve had some happy stories - pictured on is Mohammed Said Noor, a student on our Mentoring Scheme who achieved three A*s and an A, winning him a place at Cambridge to study medicine - but we've also had some sad ones too. With so much competition for places at university, it is only to be expected. We’re just glad that we’ve been able to help so many young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve their goals, levelling the playing field just a little.

There’s been a lot of talk in the media recently about a lack of A-Level advice in schools. Our very own Dr Hugh Rayment-Pickard was even invited to BBC Radio 4 to discuss how our charity is filling this gap on Woman’s Hour (Listen again here). It is a disappointment that some young people are still struggling with little support when it comes to making the right choice about their future – especially in this day and age, when a university degree could cost you over £27,000.

IntoUniversity believes that the key is starting young. It’s not just about A-Levels, it’s about what you take at GCSE too – and that will be influenced by the way in which you have been educated in earlier years. If we start talking about careers and going to university whilst they are still at primary school, our children will be much better prepared for the difficult decisions that they will need to make later in life.

IntoUniversity works with children and young people from age 7 upwards. To find out more about the difference we are making to lives, please visit our website.


  1. I didn't realise that there were so much help for young people these days in not just job advice, but subjects advice. I wish that this service had existed at the time when I was due to choose my A level subjects. I think that this is a really key service for students today, I think that Into University should expand its work into every primary school!

  2. its good to know there's at least one charity doing this kind of thing. My cousin and his friends are just finishing High School and the lack of advice and support they get is astonishing!

  3. It's been sad to hear stories of students not being able to pursue their dream career just because they don't have the right combination of subjects - good to hear IntoUniversity is providing this vital support!